California Outlines Plan For Reopening

Gov. Gavin Newsom says the four-stage plan will take place over the next several months.
Posted at 9:51 AM, Apr 29, 2020

California's governor released a plan for how the state will go about reopening in the months ahead.

Outlining his plan on Twitter, Gov. Gavin Newsom wrote: "CA is flattening the curve, but the reality is COVID-19 is not going away soon. Our re-opening must be gradual, guided by public health and science."

Newsom said the state is currently in Stage 1 — focused on staying home, flattening the curve and preparing sector-by-sector guidelines for reopening. This stage also aims to build out the state's testing, PPE and hospital capacity, while making essential workplaces as safe as possible.

In Stage 2, lower-risk workplaces will begin reopening with some adaptations. Manufacturing businesses and offices that can't telework can open, as well as some public spaces. Retail businesses can open with curbside pickup.

During Stage 3, higher-risk environments can gradually reopen, with some adaptations and restrictions — places like hair salons, gyms, movie theaters, churches, and sporting events without spectators. Newsom says this stage is months away.

Newsom says Stage 4 will mark the end of stay-at-home orders for the state and will only occur "once therapeutics have been developed." 

The state is reportedly considering reopening schools in a few weeks and beginning the new school year potentially in July or early August to make up for lost time in the classroom and to allow parents to get back to work.

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