Biden Administration Promises 'Wartime' Boost In Vaccine Supply

The number of doses distributed is still far outpacing the number administered.
Posted at 8:01 PM, Jan 26, 2021

Almost half the U.S. population is eligible to get a COVID vaccine. But just about 7% have gotten one. 

Confusion has outstripped anticipated relief. And now the Biden White House promises to get this on track.

"And we believe that we'll soon be able to confirm the purchase of an additional hundred million doses for each of the two FDA authorized vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna," said the president. "This is a wartime undertaking. It's not hyperbole."

You can see where we are: Less than a week into President Biden's term and 23.5 million shots in arms across the nation. That's just over half of the total doses distributed to states. It's well short of the hundreds of millions of doses experts say we need to reach herd immunity and overcome the pandemic.

The White House also hopes to alleviate concerns on the state level. The president plans to boost deliveries as some governors sound the alarm. They can't meet growing demand.