15 New York City Vaccine Centers Close After Supply Runs Out

They're expected to reopen next week, and for the time being the centers are not canceling patient appointments to receive the second shot.
Posted at 8:06 PM, Jan 22, 2021

Vaccinations have been off to a slow start with just around 15 million having received one or more doses. But President Biden is expected to speed up the process.

That process came to a halt at 15 vaccination centers in New York when they were forced to temporarily close their doors because they don't have any vaccines.

They're expected to open back up next week. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the state has used 93% of the first doses it had available and he doesn't know when more are coming.

People with appointments to get the vaccine are now going to have to wait longer.

"I was easily able to make an appointment on Jan. 9 on the Health and Hospitals website, and then on the 18th I received a call that it was canceled and that they didn't know when they were going to get more vaccines. And that directed me to the hotline number, which I called, and they were very nice but were unable to help me," said Rosa Schneider. 

At this point, appointments for second doses are not being canceled, but that could change if the shortage continues.