Tarantino Halts 'The Hateful Eight' After Script Leak

Quentin Tarantino has put his latest movie, "The Hateful Eight," on hold after the script leaked.
Posted at 10:49 AM, Jan 22, 2014

The drama in Hollywood doesn't just come from the movies. Quentin Tarantino says his next project is a victim of secrets and betrayal, apparently. 

Tarantino told Deadline exclusively his upcoming Western-ensemble movie "The Hateful Eight" is nixed — or at least on hold — after the script leaked. He says, "I'm very, very depressed."

Tarantino has hit Western "Django Unchained" under his belt, and fans were excited for "The Hateful Eight" when the title was announced last week. (Via The Weinstein Company / "Django Unchained")

Of course, now the leak changed everything. Suddenly, we have a whodunit story on our hands. 

The director says he gave the script to three actors: Tim Roth, Bruce Dern of "Nebraska," and Michael Madsen of "Reservoir Dogs." Tarantino says six total people had the script. (Via Paramount Pictures / "Nebraska"Miramax Films / "Reservoir Dogs")

He claims either Madsen or Dern gave the script to an agent, who then apparently leaked it to all of Tinsel Town.

Of course, scripts are frequently leaked in the movie industry. According to HitFix, it happened to Tarantino's own "Kill Bill," "Inglourious Basterds" and "Django Unchained." But it usually doesn't happen this early in the process.

What is known to the general public about Tarantino's screenplay is that it was a play on the 1960 Western film "The Magnificent Seven." (Via United Artists / "The Magnificent Seven")

Actor Christoph Waltz from "Inglourious Basterds" was also slated to appear in the ensemble cast, but Tarantino says he hadn't received a script yet. (Via The Weinstein Company / "Inglourious Basterds")

The director says that right now, instead of filming "The Hateful Eight," he plans to publish it as a book. And maybe later, if the inspiration catches him, he'll go back to the film.