This 'Star Wars' Droid Is Joining A List Of Pricey Movie Props

R2-D2 joins other iconic movie props that sold for millions, including James Bond's Aston Martin and Marilyn Monroe's white dress.
Posted at 9:36 AM, Jul 03, 2017

Yes, these are the droids you're looking for. Specifically, R2-D2, the iconic "Star Wars" character who so far has appeared in all of the franchise's major films.

An original set prop — made from metal and fiberglass during the filming of the original trilogy — was auctioned for a staggering $2.75 million.

The auction included other props from a galaxy far, far away, including Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from "Episode IV — A New Hope" and "Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back," and Darth Vader's helmet from the premiere film.

R2-D2 joins an elite group of movie props sold for top dollar. Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress from "The Seven Year Itch," which sold for $4.6 million, holds the top spot on the list. R2 will take fourth place behind James Bond's $4.4 million Aston Martin DB5 from "Goldfinger."