'John Wick: Chapter 4' opens with franchise-record $73.5 million

This latest chapter also has the highest critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes, a whopping 95%.
Posted at 9:27 PM, Mar 26, 2023

The "John Wick" franchise is four movies in and still firing on all cylinders.

"John Wick: Chapter 4," starring the great Keanu Reeves, made an estimated $73.5 million in its opening weekend at the box office.

That is by far the biggest opening for the franchise.

In fact, opening weekend earnings have steadily increased with each movie. Good word of mouth certainly helps.

This latest chapter has the highest critics' score onRotten Tomatoes (a whopping 95%), though all four movies are widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

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"Chapter 4" continues John Wick's story as he seeks revenge against — and freedom from — The High Table, a shadowy group that operates with its own rules in a world of highly skilled assassins.

The success of an action film staple like "John Wick" comes at a time when superhero movies aren't doing as consistently well in theaters as they once were.

Both "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" and "Black Adam" did not perform well for DC Comics, and while "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" had the best opening of that series, its overall numbers are average.

Alexa Liacko on Scripps News' "Evening Debrief" spoke to TV host and Critics Choice Association member Andrew Freund about the "John Wick" franchise and how important action movie franchises are to the theater industry.