Mark Wahlberg And Emma Stone Reveal Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap

Not only is there a difference in how much the highest-paid actor and actress earned, they differed in how they earned their money.
Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 22, 2017

It appears this isn't the year for gender pay equality in Hollywood. Forbes released its annual list of highest-paid actors and actresses, and there was a big difference between the two. 

The outlet measured income earned from June 2016 to June 2017. 

With $68 million before taxes, Mark Wahlberg sits at No. 1 on the actors side. Forbes attributes the bulk of his earnings to fees from the latest "Transformers" — which was widely considered a flop — and "Daddy's Home 2" — which hasn't even come out yet. 

Dwayne Johnson followed a similar path to get to No. 2. He earned $65 million thanks to a flop in "Baywatch" and a yet-to-be-released "Jumanji" sequel — though the latest "Fast and Furious" and his HBO show "Ballers" did find success. 

Compare Wahlberg and Johnson to Emma Stone — this year's highest-paid actress — who made $39 million less than either of them. 

Her earnings came primarily from her role in "La La Land," which made over $440 million worldwide on a budget in the tens of millions.  

Stone recently told Out Magazine that throughout her career, she's needed her male co-stars to take pay cuts for there to be parity. 

She didn't name names, but if Ryan Gosling — her "La La Land" co-star — was one of them, his 2017 earnings still put him at 14th on the actors list. 

Forbes' associate editor told The Telegraph action movies, especially superhero movies, are a big reason why actresses are making less.

She noted these movies are often the ones making the most money, as well as the ones most likely to generate sequels where the actors can aggressively negotiate. 

Forbes also notes Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, the No. 2 and No. 3 highest-paid actresses, actually made more money from endorsements than from their roles on screen this year.