Foo Fighters Will Play Crowdsourced Concert

Foo Fighter fans raised $70,000 to bring the band to Richmond, Va. for an unprecedented crowdsourced concert.
Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 14, 2014

The Foo Fighters say they'll be playing an upcoming show in Richmond, Virginia. But this isn't your average concert. This show was completely organized and funded by fans.

It all began a couple months ago when Richmond Foo Fighters fans began brainstorming ways to bring the band to town. (Via YouTube / Foo Fighters)

The fans, headed up by self-proclaimed megafan Andrew Goldin, launched a Crowdhoster site with the goal of selling out a Foo Fighters concert that didn't yet exist. (Via Foo Fighters Richmond)

The group also took to social media, posting this video on YouTube. (Via YouTube / Andrew Goldin)

"We need a Foo Fighters rock show in Richmond, Virginia this year. We're selling 1,400 tickets to a concert to be held somewhere in Richmond at some point in 2014." (Via YouTube / Andrew Goldin)​

The fans used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about the possible concert and gained thousands of supporters. (Via Facebook / foofightersrvaTwitter / foofighters_rva)

Rolling Stone reports this week the fans had surpassed their goal of raising $70,000 for the concert.

So, once that the funds were raised, the show was on, right? Well, actually, they still had to get the band to agree to come. 

Foo Fighters tweeted at the fan Twitter account Friday night, "Well, well well... See ya soon... let's have a good time." (Via Twitter / @foofighters)

Although the band now seems to be on board, an exact date and time has not yet been announced. The Crowdhoster site reads, "The plan is for the show to take place in Richmond, VA sometime in 2014. Stay tuned for exact details." (Via Foo Fighters Richmond)​

This will be the first time the band has played in Richmond in more than 15 years.