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Equifax: 2.4 Million More Americans Affected By The 2017 Data Breach

Equifax says the new group of people only had their names and partial driver's license information stolen, not their social security numbers.
Posted at 12:58 PM, Mar 01, 2018

Credit reporting agency Equifax says around 2.4 million more Americans were affected by the massive data breach in 2017.

That brings the total number of Americans affected somewhere around 148 million. The 2.4 million announced Thursday only had names and partial driver's license information stolen.

Because attackers didn't take this smaller group's social security numbers, these people weren't included in the larger, earlier batch.

Equifax's interim CEO emphasized this isn't newly discovered stolen data but says the company just sifted through old data and identified more people at risk.

Equifax says it'll reach out to the newly identified consumers and offer free credit monitoring and identity theft protection.