Russia Warns Ukraine Of 'Irreversible Consequences'

A shelling in the Russian border town of Donetsk, not to be confused with Ukraine's rebel-held Donetsk, has Moscow issuing strong rhetoric in return.
Posted at 1:01 PM, Jul 13, 2014

Cross-border shelling between Russia and Ukraine has Moscow warning of "irreversible consequences." 

Footage from state-funded Russian news broadcaster RT shows what remains of a Russian home in the  border town of Donetsk, which shares a name with the rebel-held Ukrainian city.   

One man reportedly died from the shelling and two more were injured. Russia's foreign ministry condemned the attack and blamed Ukrainian government forces. (Via Vesti)

State-owned news agency​ The Voice of Russia quotes a Russian diplomat saying "this is a qualitatively higher degree of danger to our citizens… Therefore, our demarches will be tough and precise."

The BBC writes a Ukrainian Security Council spokesman denied the attacks, calling the accusations "total nonsense" and blaming separatist forces. 

Various Russian news agencies have reported on similar incidents on or near the Russian-Ukrainian border before, incidents that Ukraine's Ministry of Defense has denied having anything to do with. 

So things are definitely a bit tense between Russia and Ukraine. But that doesn't mean both leaders can't enjoy a game of soccer, right? Well, actually...

Whereas both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko were believed to be going to the World Cup final match on July 13... The Kyiv Post reports that Poroshenko cancelled at the last minute, believing it to be "impossible to attend the World Cup final match due to the situation in the country."

At least there's always the 2018 World Cup which...will be hosted in Russia. Perhaps relations will warm up a bit by then.