North, South Korea Hold Groundbreaking Ceremony To Reconnect Railways

The meet up was largely symbolic.
Posted at 8:35 AM, Dec 26, 2018

North and South Korea have made another move toward peace — by holding a groundbreaking ceremony to connect the countries' roads and railways. 

Officials from North and South Korea participated in the event on Wednesday, during which two separate trains started from either side of the peninsula and converged at a North Korean border city. 

The meet up was largely symbolic. It's unlikely much more will happen while North Korea is under international sanctions over its nuclear program.

The Hermit Kingdom is barred from receiving certain materials and supplies. South Korea had to get an exemption from the U.N. just to hold Wednesday's ceremony.

Still, South Korea's Unification Ministry said the move shows that both countries are willing to cooperate for rail and roadway modernization in the future.

The ministry said construction would move forward "while observing North Korea's denuclearization progress and international sanctions against North Korea."