France To End State Of Emergency With Controversial Anti-Terror Law

A new anti-terror law has been signed in France — one that human rights advocates say just makes the state of emergency permanent.
Posted at 2:27 PM, Oct 31, 2017

France is ending a nearly two-year state of emergency, but the controversy behind its counterterrorism measures isn't going away. 

President Emmanuel Macron announced the state of emergency will end Nov. 1. But he signed a new anti-terror law — one that human rights advocates argue just makes the state of emergency permanent

Under the new law, enforcement agencies get extended powers to search homes, shut down religious sites and conduct identity checks without a court order.

However, the Independent notes a judge's permission is required for police to carry out certain measures. 

France's interior ministry says it prevented 32 terror attacks during the state of emergency — 13 so far this year.

But critics argue the anti-terror law will allow discrimination against France's Muslim minority.

Human Rights Watch called out abuses against Muslims early on during the state of emergency. And this summer, it called on the French government to not make emergency security measures permanent. 

Macron says the new law will be evaluated within two years.