US Announces New Sanctions On Iran

The Treasury Department placed sanctions on 14 people and 17 entities.
Posted at 3:10 PM, Mar 22, 2019

The Trump administration has placed new sanctions on Iran over past nuclear efforts.

The U.S. Treasury Department placed sanctions on 14 people and 17 entities Friday. The office says those sanctioned supported Iran's Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, also known as SPND, and "played a central role in the Iranian regime's past nuclear weapons effort."

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned, "Anyone considering dealing with the Iranian defense industry in general, and SPND in particular, risks professional, personal, and financial isolation."

The U.S. sanctioned SPND back in 2014, saying it was supporting efforts to develop nuclear arms. 

Friday's economic pressure comes after President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear agreement last year.