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Wash. Mudslide Death Toll Reaches 14

With 176 missing person reports filed and six more deaths confirmed Monday, President Obama declared a formal state of emergency in Oso, Washington.
Posted at 10:49 PM, Mar 24, 2014

The death toll from Washington state's mudslide now stands at 14, as searchers recovered six more bodies Monday.

Since the mudslide Saturday in Snohomish County, 176 missing person reports have been filed. Local authorities don't expect that number to translate into casualties, but they also say search efforts can only do so much now. (Via The Seattle Times / Washington State Patrol)

"Most of us in these communities believe that we will not find any individuals alive. ... Does that mean we give up? No. ... Until that point that we feel we need to just stop, we're going to keep going." (Via NBC)

This is all playing out about 55 miles northeast of Seattle in the small rural town of Oso. The population was just 180 in the last census. This mudslide covers an area roughly one square mile in size.

Also Monday, President Obama declared a formal state of emergency in Washington state, meaning FEMA equipment and resources will aid local rescue and recovery efforts. (Via KOMO)

The fact that parts of the mudslide are still moving has kept search teams away of certain areas. The mud runs as much as 20 feet deep in some places.