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Top 3 Foods Fit For The Pope

In honor of Pope Francis' trip to the U.S., quite a few companies are finding ways to put his likeness onto food.
Posted at 2:06 PM, Sep 26, 2015

For the last several days, there's been almost wall-to-wall coverage of everything Pope Francis is doing here in the U.S. Unfortunately, during all that coverage of the pontiff's speeches and visits to various churches, there has been some incredibly important news about the pope that's fallen through the cracks: All the types of food his image is put on.

First up: the pretzel. The Philly Pretzel Factory located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, actually made the pope into a pretzel

Bleecker Street Pizza went a different route and created Pope Francis out of pizza toppings. 

Time reports the pizza — which took five hours to make — uses anchovies for the cross, pineapple slices for Pope Francis' hat, ricotta cheese for the robe and a mixture of the same cheese and raspberries for his skin color. 

And finally, what's breakfast without the pope?

Now, people can buy The Pope Toaster, which actually burns his likeness into bread. For $48.95, users can purchase the toaster, which includes two "impression inserts" to create the design.