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Top 3 Dancing Moments Caught On Camera

Our top three caught-on-camera moments all feature people bustin' moves.
Posted at 8:52 PM, Jun 27, 2014

This week's top three caught-on-camera stories all involve people shakin’ their groove things. Whether doing a choreographed routine or dancing just to celebrate life, each performer put his or her best foot forward.

First up, we have an epic father-and-son dance battle that took place at a wedding in Michigan. (Via YouTube / Shawn H)

​​You've gotta admit, they're both pretty smooth. Especially since according to HLN, the duo didn't really have time to prepare those moves.

"That's the brother of the bride and his 11-year-old. And the bride told the two, 'Do something to rev up the crowd, would ya?' And that's what they came up with." (Via HLN)

Daily Mail noticed Shawn and his son Anthony definitely prefer to rock out to different kinds of music, saying Shawn seemed to gravitate toward the classics such as "Everybody Dance Now," while Anthony was all about the pop music, namely Beyonce's "Single Ladies." 

We're not really sure who won this battle. Both had their unique styles, but they came together to perform the iconic Michael Jackson hip thrust at the end. Yeah, it's definitely hard to lose a dance battle when you throw in the MJ moves.

Next up, we have a breast cancer patient who danced her way to the operating room for a double mastectomy. (Via YouTube / Piedmont Healthcare)

The patient, Doreta Norris, once saw a video of another woman dancing before heading into surgery. She figured, why not follow in her toe-tapping footsteps? (Via Fox News)

"Employees lined the halls at Piedmont Henry Hospital to cheer on Doreta Norris as she danced to 'Gangnam Style' before surgery." (Via WSB-TV)

That's a pretty awesome way to go about kicking cancer's butt. And even better: Norris' surgery was a success, and she's now cancer-free.

And finally, we have what very well might be the most epic choreographed routine ever performed at a wedding reception. (Via YouTube / Shirin Rajaee)

And Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America" was pretty impressed with the five-minute routine, which featured the groom, Sean Rajaee, and all his groomsmen. 

"Some of the groomsmen flew in from across the country, and they had to learn the routine from a video. Apparently, all the guests were shocked by their moves." (Via ABC)

The routine featured music spanning several eras, including Destiny's Child, Bruno Mars and his bride's favorite, the Backstreet Boys.


We think these are all pretty great examples of how dancing through life is clearly the way to go.