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Top 3 Animal Stories Of The Week

Our top three animal stories involve a moose going to a coffee shop, a cat playing baseball and an unlikely animal friendship.
Posted at 6:52 PM, May 23, 2014

This week's top three animals were all caught doing pretty adorable things. Whether it was throwing out the honorary first pitch at a baseball game or forming what might be the sweetest friendship ever, these animals have got it going on. 

First up is a newborn moose who was found alone next to a Canadian highway. (Via CTV)

"When she was found, she was still wet from birth, and she had the umbilical cord. And she was very weak on her knees." 

After cleaning up the moose, the man who found it tried to get it to go into the woods, but the baby moose had already become attached and wouldn't leave on its own.

Because the animal shelter was closed, it looked like the moose would become the man's pet until he could find another suitable option. (Via YouTube / Shirley Erkila)

So the man decided to take his new friend with him while he ran his errands. 

"He wanted to make that pit stop for coffee. So where did he go? Tim Horton's. Now that baby moose is the talk of the town."​ (Via ABC)

Well, when you take a moose with you to go get coffee, you know people are gonna talk ... and they're gonna want to pet it. 

Next up is Tara the cat, who made national news when she saved her 4-year-old human brother from a dog attack. (Via KERO)

Overnight, Tara shot to fame and was dubbed "Hero Cat" by many media outlets including The Huffington Post.  

Well, as with many celebrities, it was decided Tara had to throw the honorary first pitch at a local baseball game in California. We still aren't sure how the baseball officials thought this would to work. 

"A plan that didn't exactly go purrfect."

"The ball got a little stuck, but that didn't matter to fans."

"I think it was amazing." (Via KERO)

But Tara isn't letting a little mess-up at the baseball game stop her. Nope, she's going to drop the first puck at a Bakersfield Condors hockey game Friday evening.

And finally we have the most unusual, but also the sweetest BFFs — a bear, a lion and a tiger. (Via YouTube / NoahsArkClub)

"Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger, known collectively as the BLT." ​(Via NBC)

Two of those names should sound pretty familiar. In case you've forgotten, both Baloo and Shere Khan are from the Disney movie "The Jungle Book." 

All three animals have been together since they were cubs. Thirteen years ago they were found in a drug dealer's basement. 

And now they live at a Georgia sanctuary called Noah's Ark. There the BLT are hardly ever apart, usually eating, sleeping and playing together. 

And even killing cardboard giraffes together. (Via YouTube / NoahsArkClub)

Well, we guess it's better than the real thing, right?


Sure, the family that kills cardboard giraffes together stays together. Tune in next week for more top three stories.