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This 8-Year-Old Author Is Already Cooler Than We'll Ever Be

Layah Vasser has already written a 50-page children's book. And she's not planning on stopping there.
Posted at 11:32 AM, Jul 08, 2016

This 8-year-old Michigan girl has a big goal: to write a book each year. 

And here's Layah Vasser's first — a 50 page children's book called "Cat Girl." It's about a girl-turned-superhero who saves animals. 

We're sorry for putting your former 8-year-old self to shame. 

"As soon as I'd get home, I'd go into Daddy's office and then type on the computer," Layah said. 

She told Newsy's partners at WXYZ it took her about two months to write the book.

"I didn't know what she was doing, and then a couple months later, she's like, 'Can you print this off for me?' I'm like, 'Sure.' So I printed off the book, and she's like, 'I want it to be like a book,'" Layah's mom, Chelsea Vasser, said. 

"It touches your heart. One of the best gifts to give to our children is to inspire them to think," Layah's dad, Jerome Vasser, said.

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Plenty of other young writers have gotten published before hitting their 18th birthdays, too — like Mary Shelley, Anne Frank and Helen Keller. 

The back of the book says Layah also has another talent: music. She apparently enjoys playing piano and composing her own songs.

The book was published in March, and you can buy it for $5.99.

"I was so excited about it, so proud that I told the principal, told everyone all about it. Everyone needs to know about my baby's book," Chelsea Vasser said. 

This video includes clips from WXYZ