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Samsung Says Its New Wi-Fi Is 5 Times Faster Than Standard

Monday, Samsung announced it\'s developing Wi-Fi tech that will make data transmission speeds 5 times faster than the fastest wi-fi tech available.
Posted at 5:40 PM, Oct 13, 2014

If the tech industry cares about anything, it cares about speed.  

"What's up, guys? In this episode, we're going to be doing a speed test."

"Slow Internet can make you crazy!"

"Today, we're going to be doing a speed test that a lot of you guys have been asking for."

Monday, tech giant Samsung announced it's developing new Wi-Fi technology that will make data transmission speeds five times faster than the fastest Wi-Fi tech currently on the market. 

As it stands, the fastest consumer electronics can only transmit 108MB of data per second, but Samsung says its new tech can hit up to 575MB per second. The real-world example Samsung gives is dropping a 1GB movie file onto a device in less than three seconds. (Video via PC Mag)

Samsung says it's achieved such a massive jump in speed by switching from 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless channels to a 60GHz channel instead. Up until now, 60GHz wasn't feasible for commercial use. 

As PCWorld puts it"Prior implementations have run into a brick wall, both literally and figuratively: 60GHz signals can't easily penetrate walls. That’s obviously a big problem for real-world usage."

Without getting too deep into the details, Samsung says its new "micro beam-forming control technology" will allow Internet data to be transmitted straight to the device rather than just spewing out data in every direction like routers do now. 

Bu there's a much bigger problem that Samsung will have to deal with if this tech turns out to be the real McCoy — getting the rest of the industry caught up. 

Most devices out on the market — your tablet, computer, speakers, etc. — are at least two models behind this new tech. Many devices aren't even compatible with the fastest router currently on the market.  

But the company says it plans to launch its new high-speed Wi-Fi as early as next year, along with compatible devices. So if you really want the fastest Wi-Fi, it looks like you're going to need the high-speed Samsung tablet, speakers and phone to go along with it. 

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