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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators arrested after occupying Stanford University president's office

A university statement said 13 people were arrested and that there was extensive damage inside and outside the building.
Students walk by graffiti near university president Richard Saller's office at Stanford University.
Posted at 2:07 PM, Jun 05, 2024

Stanford University said 13 people were arrested as law enforcement removed pro-Palestinian demonstrators who occupied a campus building early Wednesday that houses the university president and provost offices, with the school saying there was damage inside and outside the building.

The takeover began near dawn on the last day of classes for the spring quarter. Some protesters barricaded themselves inside while others linked arms outside, The Stanford Daily reported. The group chanted "Palestine will be free, we will free Palestine."

The student newspaper said one of its reporters was among those detained.

Within about two hours, officers had broken into the building and began taking people into custody.

"Law enforcement has arrested 13 individuals, and the building has been cleared," university spokesperson Dee Mostofi said in an email to The Associated Press, saying later that, "A public safety officer was injured after being shoved by protesters who were interfering with a transport vehicle.

"There has been extensive damage to the interior and exterior of the building," Mostofi said. "No other campus operations have been affected at this time."

University of Chicago employees clear out a pro-Palestinian encampment after police closed off the area


Professors and students facing disciplinary action over Israel-Hamas protests

Jamal Andress
7:29 PM, Jun 04, 2024

Stanford is among colleges and universities around the country where campus protests have occurred to demand their schools separate themselves from companies advancing Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza and in some cases from Israel itself.

Columbia University agreed to take additional steps to make students feel secure on campus under a settlement reached with a Jewish student Tuesday.

The Associated Press has recorded at least 86 incidents since April 18 in which arrests were made at campus protests across the U.S. More than 3,130 people have been arrested on the campuses of 65 colleges and universities. The figures are based on AP reporting and statements from universities and law enforcement agencies.