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'I can see myself laying inside the coffin': Boy shot by police speaks

Eleven-year-old Aderrien Murry suffers from racing thoughts and nightmares after being shot by a Mississippi police officer at his home.
Eleven-year-old Aderrien Murry
Posted at 11:32 AM, May 31, 2023

While bleeding out in his mother's arms after being shot by a Mississippi police officer, 11-year-old Aderrien Murry began to pray and sing gospel songs. 

"I was thinking like, look if I'm going to die, tell everybody, tell my whole family, tell my teacher I say I'm sorry for what I did," he said in an interview with CNN

The young boy 's mother, Nakala Murry, had asked her son to call 911 when the father of one of her children showed up at their home irate at 4 a.m.

Officers arrived with guns drawn.

"He said everybody come out with your hands up," Aderrien said of an officer. "Then I came running inside the living room, and then I remember I heard the big bang. Then I just remember holding my chest."

The Murry family's attorney, Carlos Moore, said Aderrien did everything right: He obeyed his mother's request to call for help, he listened to officers and he put his hands up — but he still got shot, the attorney explained. 

Aderrien Murry

Mississippi police officer shoots 11-year-old after he calls for help

Aderrian Murry's mother told him to call because the father of one of her children showed up at their home irate at four in the morning.


The officer who shot Aderrien, Sgt. Greg Capers, has been placed on paid administrative leave, which the family believes is unjust. 

Aderrien said he suffers from racing thoughts and nightmares.

"Sometimes I can see myself laying inside the coffin," he said. 

"I sometimes think people are watching me. But my main thought is me dead," said Aderrien.

Aderrien continues to heal after suffering a collapsed lung, fractured ribs and a lacerated liver, his mother told CNN. She said he spent days in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, where he needed a ventilator to breathe.

Aderrien responded to what he would say to Officer Capers: "Why did you do it? I could've lost my life all 'cause of you. I want you terminated for what you did to me."

The Murry family has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the City of Indianola and Capers.

"I'm so overfilled with joy to have my child that I don't have time to be angry. I trust in the law that they will make the right decision. My main concern is my son right now," said Nakala Murry.