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US Air Force general warns of potential war with China in 2025

In a leaked memo, U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Minihan said "my gut tells me we will fight in 2025."
Posted at 11:41 AM, Jan 30, 2023

A four-star U.S. Air Force general gave stark warning of a potential conflict with China in the coming years.

In a memo, Gen. Mike Minihan said he believes the U.S. and China could be at war with each other in two years, and is telling his officers to get ready.

"I hope I'm wrong," he wrote in the leaked memo. "[But] my gut tells me we will fight in 2025."

He cites a "distracted America" in 2024 when the U.S. and Taiwan will each hold presidential elections, offering Chinese President Xi Jinping the perfect opportunity to pursue his military agenda.

Gen. Minihan leads the Air Mobility Command, which includes 50,000 troops that are responsible for air transport and refueling. 

In the memo, he also told his personnel to check that all personal affairs are in order and to step up their training. 

Why is Taiwan so disputed?

Why is Taiwan so disputed?

There are still tensions over diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the U.S.


The U.S. and China have been at odds over Taiwan for a while now. China has claimed the land as its territory and has not ruled out the use of force to bring it into its fold.

While U.S. officials continue to say it recognized the "One China" policy, President Biden said last year that the U.S. would defend Taiwan if China decided to attack.

Some experts say the conflict is unavoidable.

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul,  chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he believes Minihan's prediction is correct.

"I hope he's wrong as well, but I think he's right," McCaul said. "We have to be prepared for this."

McCaul also accused the Biden administration of "projecting weakness" on the world stage and said there are "very high odds" of war with China because of it.

U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, pushed back on McCaul's claims, saying anything is possible and worries anytime someone talks about war with China being "inevitable."

The Department of Defense has distanced itself from Gen. Minihan's comments, saying they are not representative of the department's view on China.

China sends 71 Warplanes, 7 ships toward Taiwan in 24 hours

China sends 71 Warplanes, 7 ships toward Taiwan in 24 hours

China's military harassment of Taiwan, which it claims is its own territory, has intensified in recent years.