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Navy Reprimands Man In Charge Of US Sailors Detained In Iran

Cmdr. Eric Rasch was relieved of his duties after U.S. Navy officials say he “failed to provide effective leadership.”
Posted at 11:13 PM, May 12, 2016

The commander in charge of 10 U.S. sailors who were detained in Iran earlier this year has been publicly disciplined.

Cmdr. Eric Rasch was relieved of his duties after U.S. Navy officials say he "failed to provide effective leadership."

This announcement comes months after two riverine boats drifted into Iranian water due to a navigational error. The sailors were detained for about 15 hours before being released. 

Rasch was the executive officer of that squadron and was expected to prepare those sailors, as well as hundreds of others, in training and readiness.

A video allegedly showing one of the U.S. sailors apologizing quickly became Iranian propaganda and was seen around the world.

This marks the first punishing action the Navy has taken since the incident. According to CNN, several other sailors could still be reprimanded. An internal Navy investigation into the incident is ongoing.

This video includes clips and images from the U.S. Navy