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A Female Soldier Passed The Green Beret's Initial Training Course

The U.S. Army didn't release her name or information, citing the confidentiality of the Green Beret's unit and missions.
Posted at 11:24 AM, Nov 15, 2018

For the first time, a female soldier completed the special forces assessment for the U.S. Army. That gives her the chance to become the first female Green Beret. 

The assessment is the first step of special forces training. Up next, she'll take the Special Forces Qualification Course, which takes more than a year. 

During that time, the soldiers are trained in marksmanship, survival skills and the unconventional warfare that's a key part of Green Beret missions. The course also includes a focus on foreign language and cultural training, which lasts more than six months. 

The U.S. opened all military positions to women in 2016. Since then, women have ascended to some previously unachievable ranks. In January 2017, a soldier became the first woman to join any of the military's special operations forces when she joined the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment.

The Army didn't release the name of the woman set to start the Green Beret's qualification course, citing the confidentiality of the unit's missions.