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Las Vegas Will Have Snipers Watching Over Its New Year's Eve Party

City and federal officials are teaming up to keep the celebration safe.
Posted at 11:58 AM, Dec 29, 2017

Las Vegas is stepping up security this New Year's Eve after October's mass shooting that left 58 victims dead and hundreds injured.

The city normally puts spotters above the festivities to watch for threats. This year, snipers will be with those spotters.

Vegas police are also doubling the number of quick response teams in case of a critical incident. Federal authorities are sending additional medics, intelligence personnel and air surveillance.

The number of National Guard members is also doubling to 300 or more. They'll be with 1,500 or so police officers who'll be deployed before and after the celebration.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said there's no known threat to the city. Still, he wants people to be alert.

"Nothing is too small to say something," Lombardo said.

Other cities are also upping security for the holiday, including New York City and San Francisco.