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JetBlue planes collide at Boston Logan International Airport

Both aircraft were damaged and passengers had to be put on different planes following the collision.
A JetBlue logo is displayed on the side of a jet.
Posted at 11:11 AM, Feb 08, 2024

JetBlue said two of its planes collided at Boston Logan International Airport, with one plane's wingtip coming in contact with another plane's tail. 

JetBlue said no injuries were reported and passengers were put on other planes. 

"A JetBlue aircraft entering a de-icing pad lane at Boston Logan International Airport came into contact with another JetBlue aircraft on an adjacent de-icing pad lane, causing damage to one aircraft’s winglet and the other aircraft’s tail section," JetBlue said in a statement. "No injuries were reported by customers or crew members on either aircraft. Both aircraft will be taken out of service for repairs, and JetBlue flight 777 to Las Vegas and JetBlue flight 551 to Orlando will operate on other aircraft."

According to airport flight updates, Flight 777 to Las Vegas departed the airport at 10:25 a.m., more than four hours behind schedule. JetBlue flight 551 to Orlando left at 10:15 a.m., also more than four hours behind schedule.

The company said it will investigate what caused Thursday's incident. 

Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a safety alert after a number of near misses at U.S. airports. 

The FAA's alert included a five-point plan, which mostly focused on emphasizing previously established rules and procedures.