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An Artist Makes 'Guns' From Antique Typewriters

The artist behind the pieces has used antique objects to make other creations.
Posted at 4:46 PM, Jul 21, 2017

An artist is making guns that don't shoot. They're made from typewriters. The pieces might suggest that history is influenced by writing or that words are stronger than weapons.

Éric Nado — the artist behind the guns — has a history of making sculptures from distressed and antique objects.

Nado says he remembers growing up using his mom's typewriter. When the keys were pressed, he says it reminded him of a gun sound.

That memory was later funneled into his latest collection. Each "gun" uses every part of the typewriter it's made from.

Guns are often used in art or to inspire art and can provoke emotion and political views.

But the typewriter guns aren't tied to a specific political statement, though they might reflect on history.

If you want your own gun typewriter, prices start around $2,200.