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House Passes 'Keep Your Health Plan' Bill

The House passed the
Posted at 3:08 PM, Nov 15, 2013

"If you like your plan, you can keep your plan." The Republican-controlled House approved a bill Friday taking a jab at that now-infamous line. 

The "Keep Your Health Plan Act" passed the House 261-157. It would allow those millions of Americans who've gotten cancellation notices from their insurers to keep their plans if they choose to. (Via C-SPAN)

Technically, that means plans that don't comply with requirements of President Obama's health care law — so in a sense, kind of gutting one of the main premises of the Affordable Care Act. 

Thirty-nine Democrats joined Republicans to pass the measure, although the bill did get four "no" votes from Republicans. (Via The Washington Post)

Thing is, you could call it dead on arrival. The White House reiterated its vow to veto the bill immediately after the House vote, and the Democrat-controlled Senate isn't likely to take it up. 

In any case, this latest — you might recall — is just a day after a mea culpa from the president. 

"I understand why folks are frustrated. I would be, too. … We fumbled the rollout on this health care law." (Via The White House)

Thursday the president announced insurers would be allowed to keep customers on so-called substandard plans for an additional year. The House-passed Keep Your Health Plan Act would allow insurers to sell substandard plans even to new customers.