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State Of The Union's Funniest Faces

When every major network points a camera at Joe Biden, something weird is bound to happen.
Posted at 12:04 AM, Jan 29, 2014

Not that the State of the Union address itself isn’t exciting enough, but sometimes the best moments from the speech are the reactions from the room. (Via The White House)

Vice President Joe Biden’s always fun to watch. Even before the speech started he was hamming it up.


Check out this entrance and him bro'ing out with House Speaker John Boehner. (Via ABC)

20 minutes in, we’re not sure what he’s doing but it kinda looks like he ever so briefly fell asleep. (Via Fox News)

And what was this!? It reminded Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski of another famous face. (Via Twitter / @BuzzFeedAndrew)

And then there was John Boehner’s “aw shucks” moment. He got a shout out from President Obama and gave him this little thumbs up. (Via C-SPAN)

But all that sitting and standing and clapping had some people pretty worn out. This was definitely not the most animated section of the room. (Via C-SPAN)

But you try looking excited for more than an hour.