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Florida Resident Complaining About Leaking Garbage Trucks

A Florida man says his neighborhood garbage truck leaks sewage down his street.
Posted at 9:03 AM, Jun 25, 2015

"When the trash man comes, you get readymade sewage going down onto the road," John Stroncheck told WFTS

John Stroncheck told Newsy's partners at WFTS that garbage trucks are leaking sewage all over his Tampa, Florida neighborhood. 

"Stroncheck says he's concerned about children and pets coming into contact with the substance, especially after reading reports of what's turned up in garbage juice collected in other cities," WFTS reporter Adam Walser said.

Back in 2012, WKYC reported listeria was discovered in the sewage leaking from garbage trucks in several Ohio cities. 

And WOWK reported West Virginia garbage trucks were leaking E. coli in 2011, because not every drain installed in the bottom of the trucks was stopped with a plug. 

One neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, is currently having issues with leaking garbage trucks as well, according to WEWS

"Curtis Redding got his video camera and taped the super-sized swaths of stink. There was a large patch of red, juicy nastiness left behind," WEWS reporter Jonathan Walsh said.

Back in Florida, the administrator for Tampa Public Works said that while the city's garbage trucks are "not designed to be water tight," city residents can also help to stop the problem. 

"The best thing they can do is to share with their neighbors to empty the rain water out of the bin," Brad Baird said. 
"Baird said a trash can with its lid left open can result in up to 10 gallons of water collecting during a brief shower," reporter Walser said.