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Doctor's Office Calls Police On Woman With Lupus

Cathy Bault, who has lupus, was at the eye doctor when employees called police, saying she reeked of alcohol. Bault passed a sobriety test.
Posted at 12:06 PM, Feb 13, 2015

An Indiana woman is outraged after employees at an eye doctor's office called the police on her Monday, saying she was drunk.

Cathy Bault brought her five children along for her appointment and was trying to keep them all in check. That's when an employee called the police, saying Bault was slurring her words and reeked of alcohol.

"We sat down in the waiting room, and she took off to the front, and I noticed the first police officer," Bault told WRTV.

But here's the thing: Bault has lupus. 

It's an autoimmune disease in which a person's immune system attacks tissues and organs in their body. The Mayo Clinic says it can affect joints, kidneys, blood cells and even the brain.

Bault, who doesn't drink, says the reason she was stumbling is because she forgot to bring her walker. She ended up passing a sobriety test, and the police officers left.

"When you see someone who's disabled or possibly drunk, why wouldn't you ask them if they need help?" Bault said.

This story has been blowing up on WRTV's Facebook page, with commenters on both sides.

One wrote: "[The employees] did the right thing. They should make sure children are being transported safely to and from [the[ office and that they are taken care of properly."

While another said, "They should have talked to her about their concerns before calling the cops."

Bault says she wants the doctor's office to apologize for scaring her children and embarrassing her. Sugar Creek Eyecare told WRTV it's already apologized.