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Daredevil Climbs Huge Observation Wheel In Orlando

Daredevil Nik Wallenda successfully climbed the Orlando Eye observation wheel Wednesday morning. At its tallest point, it's 400 feet high.
Posted at 12:47 PM, Apr 29, 2015

One daredevil completed a stunt Wednesday morning that made everyone's jaws drop.

There's Nik Wallenda climbing the Orlando Eye observation wheel while it was slowly moving. At its tallest point, it's 400 feet high. (Video via WKMG)

Wallenda, who comes from a family of tightrope walkers, has set six Guinness World Records since 2001 for his various high-wire acts. Probably the most notable being when he became the first person to walk across Niagara Falls at 1,800 feet. (Video via Niagara Falls Tourism)

What made the stunt in Orlando, Florida, different than those Wallenda's completed previously, is this walk was the first he's done without using a balance pole. (Video via Discovery)

"I've never done a televised event where I'm not using a balancing pole. ... Not only that, but it'll be moving. So while it's moving, I have to, of course, keep up with it. And then there's spots where I actually have to duck under the structure as its moving so I don't hurt myself or throw myself off," Wallenda told WFTS before the stunt. 

To make this stunt even more thrilling, NBC spoke to Wallenda while he was balancing at the top of the wheel.

"This is about my family. ... We all can perform together ... We're carrying on a legacy. People can't comprehend that we do what we do. But this is in our blood. This is what we do as a family," Wallenda said.

The stunt was done in part to promote the Orlando Eye, which will open to the public May 4.

This video includes an image from Getty Images.