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Surge In Violent Crime Dominates NYC Vote

The Democratic primary for New York City's mayor takes place Tuesday.
Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 21, 2021

New York voters are set to pick their Democratic candidate for mayor Tuesday, effectively deciding who will control the nation’s largest city for the next four years. This could be a referendum on issues impacting most of the country, like the economic bounceback from COVID, spikes in violent crime and Police reform

Crime rose 22% in May, including a nearly 47% increase in robbery and a 21% increase in felony assault.

Former 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang scored the NYPD Captain Union endorsement ahead of former New York Police Captain and current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Adams has defended Stop and Frisk and other controversial policing tactics. But despite criticism, he's the one leading the polls. An IPSOS poll released Monday has Yang in second, but eight points behind Adams. 

There will be more ballots to count here. 88,000 voters who were either registered Independent or Republican, have now re-registered as Democrats.