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Investigators give an update on Michigan State University shooting

The police Thursday confirmed the gunman who killed three Michigan State students and injured five others had guns that were purchased legally.
Posted at 7:35 PM, Feb 16, 2023

There have been developments in the investigation of the two shootings at Michigan State University late night Monday. One of the five injured students went from critical to stable condition. The others remain in critical condition. The names of the five victims still in the hospital will not be released out of respect for the families. MSU officials say classes will resume next Monday. 

They are offering counseling and support to those who need it. Police said Thursday the shooter walked over three miles towards his home after shooting eight people on the MSU campus. 

"We can confirm that the shooter had two had guns when was located, both 9mm, [an] additional magazine and ammunition," said Chris Rozman, the MSU Police interim deputy chief. 

The police Thursday confirmed the gunman who killed three Michigan State students and injured five others had guns that were purchased legally, but were not registered. 

"At the residence a cellphone was collected, journals of sorts, miscellaneous writings and fired 9mm casings recovered from his residence," said Rene Gonzales, a Michigan State Police Lieutenant.

But days after the incident investigators are still trying to figure out a motive for the 43-year-old who killed himself when confronted by police. 

"He never verbalized anything to the officers," Gonzales said. 

In Thursday’s press conference officials described him as a loner, confirming there was no connection to MSU either as an employee or a student. 

"He pretty much didn't leave his room. His father believed he didn’t have any friends and was always alone in his room," Gonzales said.  

Officials also mentioned possible mental health issues and said they would be looking into whether that was a factor. 

On campus Berkey Hall will remain closed for the semester. The school is still assessing the MSU union.  

"We know we have a hard road ahead of us," said Teresa Woodruff, the MSU interm president.

Woodruff asked for unity in the face of this tragedy.   

"None of us have all the answers but what we do we’ll do together," she said. 

Police officers say it is a complex investigation. They believe the gunman might have felt slighted by the people or the places he wrote about in his note. 

Hundreds gather to honor Michigan State University shooting victims

Hundreds gather to honor Michigan State University shooting victims

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