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Couple Wins 20-Year-Old, $2.4M Jackpot On Slot Machine

Walter and Linda Misco won $2.4 million on a Las Vegas slot machine that hasn't paid out the grand prize in 20 years.
Posted at 12:44 PM, Aug 25, 2014

A New Hampshire couple vacationing in Las Vegas clearly had the trip of a lifetime after they won big at the slots.

Walter and Linda Misco won $2.4 millionwhile playing the Lion's Share slot machine in the MGM Grand Hotel Friday.  

WALTER MISCO: "I walked her over here to show her the machine and she didn't actually have any idea until she looked at the machine and I'm afraid I can't tell you the exact words that she used, but it began with 'Holy'.

Misco told KTNV that he and his wife have frequented Vegas for the last 25 years. They've even played on that exact machine before but never won the grand prize. This time, it only took him five minutes to win big. 

But the money isn't the only reason this story is making the news.

The Los Angeles Times says casino-goers have been trying for 20 years to win the grand prize on that slot machine. The prize money kept increasing over the years as no one won. 

The casino used to have 50 of the Lion's Share slot machines back in the day, but now only the one exists. (Video Via YouTube / TheYertster)

The machine was so popular, the Las Vegas Sun said as many as 20 people would be in line to play it at one time. 

JUSTIN ANDREWS, Executive Director of Slots: "This game probably gets played about five times more than any other game on our casino floor. Our staff gets asked multiple times a day, every single day, where this game is from people that haven't played it before."

Those of you wanting to trying your hand at the machine are now out of luck. A writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal says the final Lion's Share machine is going into retirement.

There's even a chance the casino may let the Miscos take the machine home with them. They are planning to use their winnings to help pay for college for their five grandchildren.