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Ark. Circuit Judge Confesses To Racist, Sexist Online Posts

An Arkansas circuit judge announced his withdrawal from the Arkansas Court of Appeals race after accusations he left some shocking comments online.
Posted at 2:25 PM, Mar 07, 2014

An Arkansas circuit judge announced his withdrawal from the Arkansas Court of Appeals race after several publications called him out for leaving some shocking anonymous comments online.

"Circuit Judge Mike Maggio posted the comments on Tiger Droppings; that's an LSU fan message board. He used the pseudonym of 'geauxjudge.'" (Via WVUE)

Those posts were apparently racist, sexist or just plain offensive. (Via Tiger Droppings)

According to The Week Magazine, Maggio made dozens of comments about how a person's name can affect their chances of success and how women need to take care of men's two basic needs — food and sex.

KATV reports the circuit judge also equated gay and transgender sex to bestiality.

And that's not all. According to the Blue Hog Report, which first made the accusations, Maggio allegedly posted details about actress Charlize Theron's adoption of a child months before she announced it back in 2012.

The New York Daily News reports Maggio confessed and apologized Wednesday for leaking the confidential details of Theron's adoption on the site and announced he has quit his campaign.

He said in a statement obtained by the Arkansas Times"I take full responsibility for the comments that have been attributed to me. I apologize deeply for my lapse in personal judgment and for that, I have no excuse. The comments posted were not acceptable. These comments are not a reflection of who I am."

The day before Maggio's withdrawal, the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission confirmed it will be conducting an investigation into the incident. It's unclear what punishment the judge will face if the allegations against him are found to be true.