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Are More Americans Losing Their Religion?

A new survey found that people living in West Palm Beach, Florida, top the list of cities whose populations have never regularly attended church.
Posted at 11:43 AM, May 04, 2015

A new survey shows Americans aren't the avid church-goers they used to be.

The biggest offenders are those living in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Video via YouTube / DowntownWPB)

"The study found that 17 percent of us have never regularly attended church. Santa Barbara, California, and New York City are 2 and 3," a WPTV anchor said

Research firm Barna Group, which conducted the survey, discovered four in 10 adults in the U.S. haven't attended a church service in the past half year. 

This mirrors what the Hartford Institute for Religion Research has found over the past couple of years. 

It found one in four Protestant congregations had less than 50 people attend services back in 2010. The study's author said, "Half of the congregations could lose one-third of their members in 15 years." 

And the Jewish Times reports less than one-third of Jewish Americans said they belonged to a synagogue. 

The Barna Group survey also found San Francisco topped the list of having the largest "unchurched" population, meaning its residents haven't attended a service in the past six months, with exceptions made for special occasions or holidays. 

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