Tim Tebow Causes Bidding War Between ESPN, Fox And CBS

After being cut as a backup quarterback for the Patriots, Tim Tebow is in high demand as a college football analyst.
Posted at 6:29 PM, Dec 04, 2013

No NFL teams seemed to care when Tim Tebow was cut as backup quarterback for the Patriots earlier this year. But now, he's the hottest commodity around — as a college football analyst. 

USA Today's The Big Lead reports Tebow is currently causing a three-way bidding war between ESPN, Fox and CBS as a college football TV analyst next year. The writer says ESPN wants Tebow for its SEC Network version of College GameDay, CBS is willing to make "major" changes to its college football pregame shows to land him, and Fox Sports could use him as an NCAA/NFL analyst and to provide a spark for Fox Sports 1. 

The report has led to wild speculations as to where Tebow will land, with many pegging ESPN as the frontrunner with CBS and Fox Sports still in the mix. 

A writer for the Orlando Sentinel says: "Best bet here is that Tebow ends up on ESPN. With its SEC Network and slew of other ESPN channels, plus its corporate tie-ins with ABC and Disney, Tebow could get the most exposure with an ESPN deal. (Heck, he could end up co-anchoring Good Morning America, too!)"

While a Bleacher Report writer says: "CBS is the traditional flagship of the SEC, which gives the network at least some leverage. ... Fox Sports 1, has brought aboard some unique talent. ... Tebow's more reserved demeanor would be quite the juxtaposition to Fox Sports 1's unorthodox but effective style." 

If the rumors are true, though, accepting a broadcast analyst position would likely end Tebow's bid to play specifically in the NFL and specifically as a quarterback. 

Since getting cut from the Pats, Tebow has been flooded with odd job offers, including ones to switch positions for other NFL teams, play in the Arena Football League, play football in a Russian football league or even take a shot at rugby. He's turned down all the offers. (Via AL.comNew York Daily NewsCBSSports Illustrated

The Big Lead says the fight for Tebow will likely pick up steam in January when his agent is finished with college coaching movements.