Muhammad Ali's Brother Says Boxing Legend Is Losing Speech

Muhammad Ali's brother, Rahman, says he's very sick and is losing the ability to speak. Muhammad was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984.
Posted at 5:44 PM, Oct 12, 2014

Legendary boxer Muhammed Ali is reportedly in bad shape as he continues to battle Parkinson's disease. 

Ali was supposed to attend the premier of a new movie about his life, "I Am Ali".  But, according to his family, he was too ill to attend. (Video via Universal Pictures / "I Am Ali"

His brother, Rahman, told The Sunday People: "I have not been able to talk to my brother about this because he is sick. He doesn't speak too well. But he is proud that we are here for him."

The Sunday People also adds, Muhammed is "increasingly frail" and "is now largely housebound."

Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984 and has been battling it ever since. There's currently no known cure for the disease.  

According to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, "90 percent of people with PD will experience changes in their voices or their ability to make speech sounds at some stage of their lives. "

Rahman Ali has made similar claims about Ali's health in early 2013, saying he could be "days" from passing away. Though other Ali family members said that wasn't true.

Ali's been described as "frail" in his recent, yet rare public appearances. 

Ali's family has not yet commented on these most recent claims. The three-time heavyweight champion is 72 years old.