320-pound Quarterback Leads Team To Victory

Northern Kentucky River Monsters weighs in at 320 pounds, but is still limber enough to play quarterback.
Posted at 11:12 AM, Feb 04, 2014

Thought football season was over? Well, it’s just starting for the Continental Indoor Football League, and one quarterback made a, er, ‘big’ buzz Monday night.

Number 22 Jared Lorenzen made his 2014 debut as quarterback for the semi-pro Northern Kentucky River Monsters despite weighing 320 pounds. (Via Twitter / @JFeitelberg

And Lorenzen’s unusual size for a quarterback sparked plenty of buzz on Twitter.


WLEX sports reporter Kyle Scott posted this photo to Twitter of Lorenzen showing him at the coin toss. Lorenzen’s name was even trending on Twitter late Monday.


But, don’t let the weight fool you. Lorenzen does have a Super Bowl ring.


Deadspin notes he is likely best known for his role as the big bodied backup to Eli Manning in 2011 — the year the Giants won the Super Bowl.

And Bleacher Report points out Lorenzen previously quarterbacked for the University of Kentucky. He went undrafted in 2004 but later earned a backup NFL QB spot for four years.


So, clearly Lorenzen doesn’t look like most quarterbacks, but many around the sports world think it’s pretty impressive the 32-year-old is still playing quarterback.

CBS's Bruce Feldman tweeted, Glad Jared Lorenzen's still playing. An OC of his once said he had forearms like Virginia Hams.”


And Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke pointed out, Jared Lorenzen has as many Super Bowl rings as Peyton Manning.” Ouch.


Lorenzen himself couldn’t believe the attention, tweeting, “Can't believe you all had me trending. I can't thank you all enough.” (Via Twitter / @JaredLorenzen​)

And it looks like Lorenzen under center worked, as the River Monsters defeated the Bluegrass Warhorses 36-20.