There's A New Political Revolution, With A Very Familiar Mission

Bernie Sanders helped launch "Our Revolution," a political lobbying group that will work for progressive issues and candidates.
Posted at 8:45 PM, Aug 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders isn't running for president anymore, but he's trying to make sure the political revolution continues. 

"When you capture by large majorities the young people of this country, it means that our ideas, our vision is the future of this country," Sanders told a crowd of supporters in Vermont on Wednesday.

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Sanders helped launch "Our Revolution," a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that will continue to lobby for progressive candidates and issues. Being a 501(c)(4) nonprofit means it must act as a social welfare organization as its primary purpose, but fighting for progressive issues makes that pretty easy. 

"The American people are prepared to stand up to a corrupt campaign finance system, a rigged economy, a broken criminal justice system and the global global threat posed by the fossil fuel industry," Sanders explained.

Sanders detailed a number of issues that politicians are campaigning on now that would've been called "crazy" just five years ago, such as free college tuition and a $15/hr. minimum wage. 

Those issues are exactly what Our Revolution will lobby for. Sanders reminded supporters of the progressive Democratic platform he helped write with Hillary Clinton — a platform he insists the party will follow through with. 

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"If anybody thinks that that document and what is in that platform is simply going to be resting on a shelf somewhere, accumulating dust, they are very mistaken," Sanders said.

While Sanders helped kick off this campaign, he won't be directly involved with Our Revolution because he's still a sitting senator.