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Amid Trump media frenzy, New Yorkers carry on with daily life

Couples are visiting the city clerk's office in Manhattan to get married while a grand jury next door considers an indictment of Donald Trump.
Posted at 12:29 PM, Mar 21, 2023

The spectacle surrounding a possible indictment of former President Donald Trump is not preventing some New Yorkers from carrying on with their lives.

Laura Alfisher and her soon-to-be husband Andrew are just one of the couples that visited the city clerk's office in Manhattan to get married.

"It's still real, it's exciting," said Alfisher.

Photographer Broula Cuince greeted the couple at the steps of the office, where he makes a living.

"This is happy," he said. "They're coming for marriage."

Former President Donald Trump

Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday, calls for protests

Trump would be the first president in U.S. history to face criminal charges if indicted.


The clerk's office is connected to the Louis J. Lefkowitz State Office Building. That's where a state prosecutor's grand jury has become the center of the political world, considering an unprecedented indictment of Trump.

Hoards of camera crews surround the building, hoping to capture a moment in U.S. history.

Despite the media circus, couples are ready to make their own history in a city that is always full of action.

"It just keeps going," Alfisher's mother, Marina, said. "New York doesn't stop."