Rand Paul Hints At 2016 Presidential Run In Video

On Sunday afternoon, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul released a video hinting at his 2016 presidential bid.
Posted at 3:46 PM, Apr 06, 2015

"Above all, it's time for a new president," Rand Paul said.

Don't know if that counts as an official announcement but it looks an awful like Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will be announcing his presidency on Tuesday. On Sunday afternoon, Paul released this video featuring sound bites from various political pundits and politicians praising the 2016 hopeful. 

In the video, Paul outlines some of the things he believes separate him from other Republican candidates, such as his attempts to reach out to young voters, his nearly 12-hour-long filibuster during CIA Director John Brennan's nomination and his Republican outreach center in inner-city Detroit. 

Paul is the second major candidate to announce a 2016 presidential bid. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made his announcement in late March.

Paul has a rally scheduled for Tuesday in Louisville, Kentucky. He's expected to announce his candidacy there. The rally in his home state will be followed by similar events in swing states around the country — New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada. 

This video includes images from Getty Images.