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First Gentleman? First Dude? What To Call Bill Clinton If Hillary Wins

With Election Day approaching, we sat down for a very important newsroom discussion.
Posted at 1:44 PM, Nov 04, 2016

ZACH TOOMBS: So, we have one more very important topic to tackle in this election year. What do we call Bill Clinton if his wife is president? Write down your top choice for Bill Clinton's new title, and keep it a secret.

NOOR TAGOURI: OK. First dude of the United States. FDOTUS. As silly as that sounds, Sarah Palin actually referred to her husband as "the first dude." So, I feel like a precedent has already been set, and "dude" just caters to the millennials. We're all about the millennials this year.

EUGENE DANIELS: It's what all the kids are doing.

TOOMBS: FDOTUS does have a certain youth appeal.

DANIELS: Yeah. It works. Hey, FDOTUS!

TOOMBS: First gentleman of the United States. Gentleman, lady. These are the formal equivalents, if you will. And FGOTUS, I think, rolls off the tongue.

TAGOURI: Eugene, I don't see anything on your paper while you were busy looking over at Zach's.

DANIELS: No, you don't. Because I don't need a paper, because I'm already prepared. FLOTUS. Been with us forever. Has to stay FLOTUS. The Twitter handle's already there. We can go "lad." We can go "lord." So many choices. You're welcome, America. 

TAGOURI: So, since we couldn't agree on a name, I guess we should just get some public opinion. Maybe even ask our viewers.