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Clinton's New Health Care Plan Is Another Nod In Sanders' Direction

Bernie Sanders has praised Hillary Clinton for reforming her health care plan, which now looks more like his.
Posted at 3:00 PM, Jul 09, 2016

"No child, no adult should go without quality, affordable health care," Hillary Clinton said

Hillary Clinton is still advocating for affordable health care, and her new thoughts on getting there are pretty similar to Bernie Sanders'.

On Saturday, Clinton's campaign rolled out the new plan advocating for public, universal health care as opposed to private. 

In a statement, Clinton said: "Already, the Affordable Care Act has expanded coverage to 20 million Americans. As president, I will make sure Republicans never succeed in their attempts to strip away their care and that the remaining uninsured should be able to get the affordable coverage they need to stay healthy."

A big part of the plan is lowering the Medicare age — something she's previously hinted at being OK with. 

And Sanders seems to be feeling the new plan. 

On Saturday, he said, "It will save lives, it will ease suffering and it will improve health care in America and it will cut health care costs."

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But it might not be enough to get an endorsement from him just yet. Clinton and Sanders still seem to be at odds over Social Security policies and minimum wage. 

The Democratic Party has agreed to amend its platform to include a $15-an-hour minimum wage — a win for Sanders but a big shift for Clinton. And Sanders suffered a blow when Clinton supporters derailed two other amendments for expanding Social Security benefits.

Still, Clinton snagged praise from Sanders this week for a reformed education plan meant to minimize student loans and tuition costs. 

That's one of the main issues Sanders said he was looking for Clinton to shift on in order to give an endorsement.  

He told reporters, "It's fair to say that the Clinton campaign and our campaign are coming closer and closer together in trying to address the major issues facing this country, which is what my campaign was all about, and we look forward to continue working with the Clinton campaign and will have more to say in the very near future."

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