Lawmakers want to charge people more when they move to South Carolina

New South Carolina residents could be subject to additional fees to register their vehicle and obtain a driver's license.
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Posted at 3:12 PM, Feb 27, 2023

It could soon be more expensive to move to South Carolina. 

A bill working its way through the state's legislature would force new residents to pay extra for moving to the state. 

People who move from another state to South Carolina would be subject to an additional $250 fee for a diver's license and an additional $250 fee to register their vehicle. 

The bill's author, state Sen. Stephen Goldfinch, has said the bill is not meant to deter people from moving to South Carolina. Instead, he said the goal is to have new residents immediately contribute to what others in South Carolina are already paying into. 

The money would be used for infrastructure projects, public education-related expenses and conservation efforts. 

South Carolina is seeing an influx of new residents. 

United Van Lines released the company’s 46th Annual National Movers Study this year. It says South Carolina is the 5th most popular state where people are moving. 

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A growing number of people are moving due to rising costs

More people are moving due to factors such as changes in employment, proximity to family and the rising cost of living.


The study shows that most of the people moving to South Carolina are 65 and older. 

The top two reasons for the move to South Carolina are to enjoy retirement and be closer to family, according to the study.