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Maryland Primary Election To Be Held Mostly By Mail

Gov. Larry Hogan said there will be a few designated in-person polling places for those who cannot vote by mail.
Posted at 8:56 PM, Apr 10, 2020

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has announced the state's primary election will be held primarily by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hogan made the announcement during a press conference on Friday, after the state's Elections Board determined mail-in ballots were the best way to preserve "the integrity of the democratic process ... while also protecting public health."

Last month, Hogan pushed Maryland's primary election from April 28 to June 2 and ordered the Elections Board to come up with a plan for the primary. Per that plan, all registered voters in the state will receive absentee ballots, which they can send back by mail or via designated drop-off locations.

Hogan also said the state will designate some locations for in-person voting for those unable to vote by mail, but he stressed that "significant social distancing practices must be implemented by the state and local election board officials."