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TSA to test self-service screening system at busy airport

Travelers flying out of Las Vegas' airport will soon have the option to screen themselves as TSA hopes to speed up lines.
In this Sept. 1, 2017, photo, people use newly installed automated security lanes at Las Vegas' airport.
Posted at 1:22 PM, Mar 07, 2024

The Transportation Security Administration said it will begin testing a self-service screening prototype at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. 

The new option for passengers will be available in mid-March, and officials say checkpoints will still carry the "same rigorous screening standards and rules required of passengers using the TSA PreCheck lanes."

The TSA said the screening system has a video monitor that provides step-by-step instructions for passengers to complete screening at their own pace. The TSA said that although there will be minimal assistance from officers, they will be on hand to assist passengers. 

"The aim is to provide a near self-sufficient passenger screening process while enabling passengers to directly receive on-person alarm information and allow for the passenger self-resolution of those alarms to reduce instances where a pat-down or secondary screening procedure would be necessary," TSA said. 

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The Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security developed the prototype. Officials said with air travel growing, they are looking for ways to screen passengers efficiently. 

“We are constantly looking at innovative ways to enhance the passenger experience, while also improving security,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “This self-service prototype allows our trusted travelers to complete the screening process at their own pace. Testing at the Innovation Checkpoint in Las Vegas gives us an opportunity to collect valuable user data and insights, and explore opportunities to apply parts of the prototype to other airport security checkpoints."

As of February, Harry Reid International Airport was the 10th-busiest airport in the U.S., according to OAG data.

In 2021, TSA awarded Harry Reid International its award for Large Airport of the Year.