Stanley offers woman a new car after viral video of cup surviving fire

A woman named Danielle posted a video Wednesday on TikTok of her charred car with a seemingly unscarred Stanley tumbler in the cupholder.
Stanley tumbler
Posted at 3:01 PM, Nov 18, 2023

Stanley cups can keep beverages cold or hot for hours, the company claims, but apparently, they can also withstand a car fire. That’s what one customer has shared in a now-viral TikTok video. 

A woman named Danielle with the username @danimarielettering posted a video Wednesday on the app of her charred car with a seemingly unscarred Stanley “quencher” tumbler in the cupholder. 

“Everyone’s so concerned about if the Stanley spills,” she said as she pulled it out of the car and gave it a shake. “It was in a fire yesterday and still has ice in it.”

The video gained nearly 60 million views in the three days since it was posted. 

Many of the comments on the video said things like “now this is good marketing for Stanley” and “I don’t think Stanley will ever come up with a better ad than this one.” 

It quickly got the company’s attention. 

Stanley responded to the viral video with a TikTok of their own just a couple of days later. 

The company’s president Terence Reilly said, “We’ve all seen your video…And we’re all really glad you’re safe.” He added, “I couldn’t think of a better example of our product’s quality.”

Reilly then announces the company plans to send Danielle some new Stanley cups and a new car. 

“We’ve never done this before and we’ll probably never do this again, but we’d love to replace your vehicle,” Reilly said. He then said for Danielle to check her direct messages for details. 

“I’m so so grateful to Stanley for doing this and I feel blessed beyond belief,” the user responded with another video post. “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”

She said she will keep the Stanley cup that survived the car fire as a memento.