Orders often go wrong at this Tokyo restaurant. But that's the point

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders in Tokyo hires servers who have dementia, and mistakes are greeted with compassion and laughter.
A waitress laughs
Posted at 1:28 PM, Aug 22, 2023

Things go a little differently at The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders — but that's the point. 

The one-of-a-kind eatery in Tokyo hires servers who have dementia, a condition that affects cognitive abilities like memory, thinking and reasoning. 

While orders may not always be correct, mistakes are celebrated with compassion and laughter. 

That's why the restaurant's mission is like no other; it spreads awareness about the disease, while embracing imperfection.

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Servers get approximately 37% of orders wrong, according to NewsroomPost, but the menu's quality offerings and unique experience more than make up for it. 

"Even if your order is mistaken, everything on our menu is delicious and one of a kind. This, we guarantee," reads the restaurant's website. 

Founder Shiro Oguni conceptualized the restaurant in 2017 to offer an empathetic perspective on living with cognitive challenges, NewsroomPost said.

"We hope this feeling of openness and understanding will spread across Japan, and through the world," the restaurant said on its website.

The restaurant's website accepts donations and features a number of events, videos and photographs.